Led Garage Light

LED lamps for warehouse lighting have the characteristics of energy saving, health, art and humanization; LED is a cold light source, and the semiconductor shines on itself without any turbidity to the environment. Compared with incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, the power saving effect can reach more than 90%. Led garage light must meet the following requirements: 1. Meet the requirements of lighting illumination of the warehouse. Generally speaking, the ground illumination of the warehouse shall not be less than 50Lux or more, so as to facilitate the identification of cargo labels; 2. Energy saving: realize the intelligent control of the lighting system and realize the two-way lighting of the warehouse. One way can be closed during the day and two ways can be opened at night; 3. Safety: explosion proof lighting fixtures with waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion performance shall be used to ensure the safe operation of the lamps; 4. Long life: in order to avoid the increase of maintenance cost in the later period and ensure the timely maintenance and replacement of lamps, lamps with long life and high stability should be selected; 5. Restart: consider the lamps that can be restarted instantaneously to avoid long delay time of lamps.
  • 6000 Lumen Deformable Led Garage Light

    6000 Lumen Deformable Led Garage Light

    The three aluminum led panel heads of the deformable garage lights can be adjusted, each light head can be folded up to 90°. The maximum coverage angle can reach 360°, no need to buy extra shop lights, this led garage lights will cover a wide area.With standard E26/E27 base, make the installation of this led shop lights is as easy as screwing in a light bulb,but brighter and wider application than bulb. It’s so multi-functional led work light for garage, workshop, barn, warehouse, basements, office, supermarket, station, hotel, exhibition area, equipment rooms, industrial workstations, or any place that need lighting.