Shop Light

First of all, we need to know what is an shop light?
The modern LED version of fluorescent store lights are LED lights. Shop lights—hence the name—are frequently used in garages and workshops when a straightforward yet economical lighting fixture is required to illuminate a limited space, such as a tabletop or workbench.
According to research by the US government, LED lighting can, in some situations, use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lighting while also lasting 25 times longer. For high energy users, these lights typically last at least twice as long and use 50% less electricity.

As we've seen, LED lights have a lot to offer. LED shop lights are the best solution for illuminating workstations. You need shop lights to be dependable, strong, and brilliant. LED lights provide you all these features you may want.Today, many homes have workshops and garages. Shop lighting are therefore more essential than ever. When it comes to store lighting, proper illumination is crucial since it guarantees the area is secure. A productive and efficient atmosphere is created by lighting that gives exceptional vision.

Manufacturing lights is our company's area of expertise. LED Work Lights, Solar Lights, Flood Lights, Tripod Work Lights, Flash Lights, and Garage Lights are some of our key product categories. The lights are utilized in a wide variety of locations, including factories, docks, garages, attics, lathes, garages, and building sites.Our products have gained good reputation in the international market. At present the products got the Safety Guarantee Certificate of UL for USA,ETL.CUL for Canada, GS for Germany and CE for European Union. They sell well in Europe, the U.S., the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Nowadays, more and more people use led shop light. However, if you're still using incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, it might be time to switch to LED. These high-powered lights provide an impressive amount of lighting coverage and have extraordinarily long lifespans, typically over 50,000 hours — that's a lot of uninterrupted illumination.

In order to address the needs of the public for multi-functional lighting products that meet high standards, we created a group of qualified engineers to oversee their machining, electronics, and design departments. What’s more, led shops are better than fluorescent. LED lighting is the unsurpassed choice for any commercial or industrial site. An LED tube is more energy efficient and lasts longer than a fluorescent tube. Because it contains no toxic materials and is more robust than a fluorescent lamp, an LED lamp is safer.

LED shop lights provide ease of installation. You might install LED high bay lights differently, depending on the fixtures you have and your desire. It is crucial to ensure you place your LED store lights in a proper area.Shop lights are supposed to illuminate your working space. Therefore, you should verify that they are connected above any regions why you could undertake work. Some store lights are fitted with a chain that allows you to hang them from the roof. Other shop lights will enable you to put them on the roof directly. It is crucial to be sure that the ceiling or surface where you will put your shop light can hold the light's weight. Shop lights may be plugged into a standard wall outlet. When installing your shop lights, make sure the electric connection flows safely from the power outlet to your shop light. It is also vital to check at the manufacturer's standards before installing. The power required by your fixtures should not be higher than that of your lighting fixtures.As we've seen, LED lights have a lot to offer. LED shop lights are the best solution for illuminating workstations. You need shop lights to be dependable, strong, and brilliant. LED lights provide you all these features you may want.

How many types of LED Shop Lighting?
●LED high Bay Lighting
●UFO High Bay
●LED Linear Lights
●LED Low Bay Lighting
●Strip Lights
●LED Corn Bulb Retrofit

Why Choose Us?

We offer OEM and ODM support. More than 3 million LED light units may be produced annually. Our plant has a 14000 square meter footprint and is equipped with complete production machinery, product assembly lines, packing lines, and a large warehouse. To make our products better and more professional while also obtaining some patent certificates, we have an experienced staff of designers, salespeople, and quality control experts.

mostly exported to Europe, Australia, Japan, and North America. Products have certifications from UL, DLD, FCC, TUV, CE, ROHS, ETL, and SAA.

5500lm shop light
Commercial Electric 4 ft. LED Link-able Shop Light with Pull Chain is designed to replace outdated fluorescent lights with a crystal-clear energy-efficient integrated LED fixture. Power cord with 3-prong plug into wall or ceiling outlet and is link-able up to nine 4 ft. units (hardware included). This shop light provides crisp and vibrant illumination with no yellow discoloration or dark spots over time. With its superior long-lasting light engine, our shop light is maintenance free with no bulbs required! Great for garage, basement, workshop, storage room, utility room or craft room.

●5ft. 3-prong Plug-in power connection
●ON/OFF 15in. Pull Chain for an easy grab
●5500 Lumen of brightness using 35-Watts of energy
●Replaces outdated 64-Watt fluorescent tube
●5000K Bright White color temperature of light output
●130 Volt - Suitable for damp locations
●Multiple light fixtures can be connected, up to a maximum of nine 4 ft. shop lights or 324 total watts. Only the first light fixture needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet.
●Made of steel construction with acrylic diffuser
●Instant on activation - Perfect in sub-zero applications down to -4°F!
●Color Box Dimensions: 50.4in L x 10.6in W x11.2in H
●Lasts up to 50,000 hours of continuous use
●1 year warranty


10000lm shop light
The JM 5 ft. 10,000 Lumens SHOP LED is a high lumen, lightweight, pre-assembled shop light. The 5000K SHOP LIGHT comes with a 5 ft. power cord, so installation is as easy as plug and play. At 10,000 Lumens and 85-Watt power, this LED shop light gives you plenty of light and replaces up to 128-Watt fluorescent lamps. The SHOP LIGHT comes with an extra-outlet that allows you to link up to 4 fixtures in series and provide maximum flexibility to any location. with LED technology and a frosted lens, you can enjoy energy savings without sacrificing light quality. The JM 5 ft. 5000K SHOP LIGHT is ideal for most tasks or portable lighting applications and will run maintenance-free for up to 50,000-hours.
●10,000 Lumens, the 5000K SHOP LIGHT is the highest output shop light has to offer
●Ideal for garages, barns, workshops and open areas with ceilings up to 5 ft.
●Extra outlet for fixture to fixture link ability (up to 4)
●5 ft. L metal housing with high impact plastic end caps
●Frosted white lens provides a wide coverage area for any task
●Surface or chain-mounted: mounting bracket, hanging chain, S hooks included
●5 ft. 130-Volt grounded plug-in power cord allows you to move fixture wherever you need
●Cord: 16AGW/2C 5FT
●2pcs 12.5 in. mounting chains
●two 1.75 in. hanging s-hooks
●pull-chain on/off switch
●connecting up to four lights end-to-end from just one plug
●Easy on/off convenience with included pull chain
●ENERGY STAR compliant with standard 5-year warranty
●Color Box Dimensions: 49.8in L x 10.6in W x11.2in H
●Standard AC110V-130V , low temperature start, non-dimming driver


SUPER BRIGHT - Our 4 ft utility fixture requires only 120W and has an exceptional LED efficiency of 105 lumens/watt while producing 13000 lumens of brightness at 5000K daylight white. a fantastic replacement for conventional 400W fluorescent lighting options. saving energy by up to 70%.
ETL certification ensures higher quality, safety, and dependability. Turn on immediately; stop waiting. Up to 50,000 hours of light can be obtained from this durable LED shop light before any maintenance is required. CONNECTABLE - The 4 foot connectable shop light plugs into garages, workshops, workbench areas, storage areas, warehouses, basements, equipment rooms, and other locations.
Plug and play installation is simple. includes a 10" zipper, a 59" power wire, and additional tiny mounting accessories. It can be mounted flush using the provided mounting screws or hung using the included lanyard. OUR WARRANTY - A one-year warranty is offered on each of our store lights. Our objective is to offer outstanding customer service via manufacturer direct.



1.Aluminum Housing 2. Lens Cover 3. Switch End Cover 4. Socket End Cover 5.Plastic Positioning Buckle 6. Light Panel Wiring Accessories 7. Light Panel 8.Drive 9. Pull Switch 10. Pull Rope 1100mm 11. Wiring cap 12. Three Plug Socket 13.Conductor 14. Earthing Conductor 15. Power Cord 16. Blind Rivets M3*8 17.Washer φ3 18. Plastic Thread leg M3 19. Tapping Screw M3*8 20.Tapping Screw M3*8 21.Accessory Kit (including 2 x chain & 2 x S hooks)

 Great for garage, basement, workshop, storage room, utility room or craft room.


Package and Delivery

1.Shipping: By Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS), By Sea, By Air, By Train

2.Export sea port: Ningbo, China

 Lead time: 20-30 days after deposit into our bank account