The Five fold Artistic Concepts of Lighting Design

First of all, it should be said that although LED lights has a large-scale application in the lighting field and is also an important direction in the future, this does not mean that LED can dominate the world. Many newcomers who aspire to do lighting design are misled into thinking that LED is the only available light source and the entirety of lighting. This is very detrimental to their growth. Only through in-depth research on the lighting distribution of lamps using light sources such as fluorescent lamps and gas discharge lamps can we have a deeper understanding of the essence of lighting. LED cannot replace traditional light sources in many situations.
The threshold for lighting design is very low, so many people from related or completely unrelated majors have joined in. Without professional training, coupled with the wrong guidance of a master with only a little knowledge, one can unknowingly go astray.
We believe that lighting design has five levels of artistic conception.
The worst, garbage like design is to close your eyes and “light up” without considering the final effect, investment, power consumption, etc. Their method is to put lights wherever they can and illuminate wherever they can. The project site is like a “lighting exhibition”. Although this type of design is rare now, it has not yet been completely eliminated.
What is more advanced than junk design is mediocre design, just like the unchanging hamburger, french fries, and cola in a fast food restaurant, infinitely replicated. This design simply illuminates the building, with the same taste or even no taste at all. Just a glance is enough, there is no desire to take a second look. This design is neither artistic nor a waste of electricity.
The passing line of the design should be at least a surprising design with innovative points, combined with the functionality, shape, and characteristics of the building. Integrating with the surrounding environment, allowing viewers to experience the design philosophy of the building and the beauty that is completely different from during the day.
What goes further than surprise is the touching design, which can touch the indescribable and inexplicable emotions deep in the soul. Having a rich emotional world is one of the essential qualities for excellent designers, and it is difficult to imagine that people with numbness in their hearts can design good works. To move others, first of all, one should fully immerse oneself in creating and make oneself moved.
The highest realm of lighting design we pursue is the realm that can make people meditate. It must be a unique artwork, it not only has flavor and connotation, but also a soul. It is alive and living, and can converse with the viewer, telling people the philosophy it interprets. Although people with different experiences, backgrounds, and worldviews may have different interpretations of the same artwork, as the saying goes, a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts. But I think this is exactly where the charm of art lies.

Post time: May-17-2024