Controllable silicon dimming can achieve excellent LED lighting

LED lighting has become a mainstream technology. LED flashlights, traffic signals, and headlights are everywhere, and countries are promoting the use of LED lights to replace incandescent and fluorescent lights in residential, commercial, and industrial applications powered by the main power source. However, if LED lighting is to replace incandescent bulbs as the mainstay of the lighting field, thyristor dimming LED technology will be an important influencing factor.
For light sources, dimming is a very important technique. Because it can not only provide a comfortable lighting environment, but also achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. With the rapid growth of the LED application market, the application scope of LED products will also continue to grow. LED products must meet the needs of different application environments, therefore, LED brightness control function is also very necessary.
Although non dimming LED lamps still have their own market. However, the application of LED dimming technology can not only improve contrast, but also reduce power consumption. Therefore, the development of LED dimming technology is an inevitable trend. If an LED wants to achieve dimmable lighting, its power supply must be able to output a variable phase angle from a thyristor controller, in order to unidirectionally adjust the constant current flowing to the LED. It is very difficult to achieve this while maintaining the normal operation of the dimmer, which often leads to poor performance. Flashing and uneven lighting issues occur.
Faced with the problems of LED dimming, major enterprises in the industry are gradually researching high-quality LED dimming technology and solutions. Marvell, as a leading global semiconductor manufacturer, has launched its solution for LED dimming. This scheme is based on 88EM8183 and is designed for offline dimmable LED lighting applications, achieving a minimum depth dimming of 1%. Due to its unique primary current control mechanism, 88EM8183 can achieve extremely strict output current rectification over a wide range of AC inputs.

Post time: Apr-30-2024